Miss Lillian’s Sugar Scrub


Luxury Sugar Scrub. 7oz size jar.

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Tangerine Grapefruit: Grapefruit and tangerines with pomegranate and berry undertones. One of our best fruit blends!

Wild Passion: Very popular fruity perfume. Comparable to Victoria Secret’s Love Spell

Asian Tea Blossom: Sweet tea and herbs with light notes of berries and other fruits. Very unique fragrance

Lavender Patchouli: Much more complex than just lavender and patchouli. We added hints of sweet florals and exotic fruits. Contains lavender buds

Miss Lillian's Sugar Scrub - Asian Tea Blossom$10.00
Miss Lillian's Sugar Scrub - Lavender Patchouli$10.00
Miss Lillian's Sugar Scrub - Tangerine Grapefruit$10.00
Miss Lillian's Sugar Scrub - Wild Passion$10.00
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